At Believe Sports Academy, we offer a variety of programs and college preparatory curriculum to meet the needs of our students.  The curriculum is Nationally Accredited and approved by the NCAA.  Our philosophy is not only to teach students but to invest in them to ensure they are prepared with the academic and life skills necessary to succeed in college.

To ensure our students gain the fundamental skills to be successful, we address the following core values:

  • Balance
  • Effectiveness
  • Leadership
  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Virtue
  • Education

High School students at Believe Sports Academy are in grades 9 – 12. Classes are offered in a traditional classroom environment or virtual learning environment.  Students will have the opportunity to take classes in English, Mathematics, Science, Social Students, and a multitude of Electives.  Students can also take Honors or Advanced Placement courses. Students are required to take SAT/ACT course preparation.

The traditional classroom environment provides students with a small class size, face-to-face communication providing live discussion and feedback, and a structured environment.

The virtual learning environment provides students with flexibility and convenience. Virtual learning can be customized to fit the need of each student.  Virtual learning also allows the student with social inhibitions to flourish with their academics.

Regardless of the chosen learning environment, Believe Sports Academy provides students with extra support to strengthen specific skills.  The instruction for each student can be specific to their learning abilities and interest.

Academic or athletic enhancement is the focus of our Post Graduate student.  Believe Sports Academy offers students an additional year to improve their grade point average and meet ACT/SAT requirements to excel in the classroom and meet the stringent requirements of the NCAA.

The Postgraduate student will be required to take SAT/ACT course preparation.  The post graduate student can meet academic requirements by participating in our customized placement program. Our postgraduate student can also take college entry classes at partner school Tennessee Wesleyan College in Athens, TN.