About BSA

Believe Sports Academy in Rock Hill, SC offers a college preparatory boarding program for high school (grades 9 – 12) and post graduate students that are looking to excel academically and participate in a rigorous athletic program.

Believe Sports Academy’s mission is to provide a learning environment which is conducive to ensuring that each student-athlete is sufficiently prepared for college, able to gain college acceptance and equipped with essential tools to be successful college students.

Believe Sports Academy provides students with core academic and life skills that enable them to be positive contributors to society.


Believe Sports Academy offers a structured and fully accredited curriculum that provides students with classroom and virtual learning options.


While many of our students seek to enhance their athletic ability through Believe Sports Academy’s basketball program, they primarily pursue the opportunity to improve and strengthen their academic preparation for college. Believe Sports Academy goal is to help students achieve their goal of becoming successful collegiate student-athletes.

Believe Sports Academy is committed to providing student-athletes with a balanced opportunity to improve their academic, athletic, and life skill sets to ensure success in their future college endeavors.